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Server : retreive user's login running task manually [DONE]


Currently we can only retreive the service account executing the task but not the user running the task if it’s a manual run, except by doing a parameter that the user may fill. It would be good to get automatically the user running the task manually. What for ? Example : warn him by email that the task (which can be quite long) has just finished.

Edit : at least you can add it to the server log maybe ?

Task logs will be replaced with Server journal in v5. The journal is a database table that records events such as task run or edit and will contain user names and other details.

Meanwhile, you can add an optional parameter with the user’s email that the user will enter on task start. If the parameter is not empty and is a valid email address, the task would send an email notification to the user as the last step of the workflow.

In version 5.1 we’ve added new function:


It returns the Windows identity of the user that triggered the workflow. In EasyMorph Desktop, Launcher, and CLW it’s the same as the Windows account of the current Windows process. On EasyMorph Server, if the current space uses authentication via Active Directory, then the function returns the account of the current user that is logged into the space. For all other space types, it returns an empty value.

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