[Server] Multi AD management


Simple idea but may be complex to implement : make easymorph server be able to authenticate uppon different Active Directory (only one can be defined currently I think). Necessary for big companies resulting of « merge » of smaller ones.


Hi. It’s an interesting suggestion.
But, as I know, joining a single computer to multiple Active Directory domains is impossible.

Please describe how the Active Directory merging/acquisition is performed.
How do domain A users access resources that belong to domain B? Or you’re using AD for authentication/authorization purposes only?
Do you use Active Directory Forest, for example?
Are you going to use Azure AD in the future?

When we first connect to easymorph server, there is a popup asking the login and password and there we type our domain\login + password.

It would be good that if 2 colleagues from different domains connect, they can both use their own domain\login and that it can work.

I know that a tool like Denodo is multi AD compatible (but maybe because it’s Kerberos compatible).