Server Mapped Drives Automatic Reconnect

Do the mapped drives try to reconnect if they fail? If so, how many times will it try before giving up? I had an instance over the weekend where the server rebooted and I came back to find the network drives said they couldn’t connect. I clicked edit and then ok and they connected. Refresh drives didn’t work to reconnect them.


There is no retry policy for the drive mapping process. Drive mapping is executed once as a part of each worker startup process.

Refresh drives didn’t work to reconnect them.

Currently, the Refresh button only refreshes the mapped drives state.

Thank you. Just to confirm, if the drive isn’t available at startup but becomes available say 10 minutes later, I would need to go into the server and reconnect the drive manually?

You need to reconnect the drive manually or recycle the worker.

Is there always a delay between the server startup and the network shared resource availability?

Possibly, I’ll check with my IT department and let them know the scenario. Thanks for confirming.