Server Macro Error

Has anyone experienced this error? I can run the model from the desktop. When I run it from the EM server I get this:

Execution of programs and scripts is not permitted by your system administrator.

Location: action “Excel command”, module “Main”, table “Run Macros”

Hi Nick,

check out the tips here: Running VBA Macros from the Excel Command action

Hi, nicktagz.

Not completely sure. The only thing I can think of is…

Is the Server running on the same system as the Desktop workflow, under the same user profile (set up in Server)? Almost sounds like a permission issue running Excel macros, but if it works in the Desktop… ?

If something else pops into my head, I’ll pass it along.

Thanks, I am running the Server on the same system as the Desktop and the server is setup using the same user profile. It’s weird because it just randomly stopped working. I believe it is a permission issue somewhere, I’m just not sure where.

Possible bug in the server.


Here’s what the server says under documentation:



Did you try to run your excel macro logged as the service account on the EM server ? You should try first.

Stupid mistake on my part. This was Disabled, I should have checked here first.