Server Excel Error: HRESULT: 0x800AC472

Easymorph server started giving me this error for Excel actions. I'm currently on

I can run the model successfully with the desktop application on that same server. It's just running the model from the server UI that I get the error.

Any ideas?

This seems to have solved my issue in case anyone else is having the same problem. It was a pop up that kept occurring randomly when opening Excel.

  1. Open any O365 application (word, excel, etc.)

  2. Click File -> Options -> Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings...

  3. Click Privacy Options -> Privacy Settings...3

  4. Uncheck the "Turn on optional connected experiences" box

  5. Sign out of the Microsoft Application you have open

  6. Open the Microsoft 365 (Office) application on the computer and sign out

  7. Restart all office applications

  8. Sign back into the account on Microsoft 365 (Office)

  9. Open a Microsoft application and log in. The pop-up should be gone.


Thank you for posting a solution. I've linked it in this topic: If you have problems running Excel Command on Server

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