Server : Add detailed rights on folder by space


I want to isolate files generated by users connected on space.
I have several types of users to manage.
Some of our brands compete with each other.

All files are on one network folder but with access restriction to some folders.
With EasyMorph server, access is managed by disk.

I need to have folders shared between multiple groups and others should only be used for one group.
We have too many different groups and folders to handle it all with disk.

Can you add management by folder by space? (Adding an “add” button to select folder)

Is an improvement planned on this side?

On task by space, I want to use fixed parameters on server except for filename.
Example : I choose company and set a default value for the file name but user can only change the file name.

I I check “Prompt for parameters on task start”, user can change all parameters.
If I don’t add company parameter, I can select value for this parameter.