Server access to mapped Sharepoint Drive

Hi everyone,

for the setup I am running, I need the server to access different mapped sharepoint drives. I can’t figure out how to make it happen. The documentation is mentioning the possibility, but I am stuck with finding a way to actually making it happen.


I am not an expert windows user, even though I have been fiddling around a little with some of it’s configuration when necessary. Could anyone give me a hint as to where I could find a step-by-step instruccion to get this resolved?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Albert,

Microsoft currently recommends using OneDrive to map SharePoint files to a local drive:

This approach doesn’t require additional configuration of EasyMorph applications.

Is it possible for you to switch from mapped drives to the new Sync approach?

Hi Andrew,

I set it up exactly as described. But when I try access the sharepoint folder, I get the error message below.

Do you have a notion of what I could do about it?


Hi Albert,

make sure that the Windows account under which the Server service is running can access folder Server01, because currently it can’t. You may need to look at the folder’s properties and add access permissions for the Server account.