Server 5.1.2 : write "Free Memory" instead of "Memory" on workspaces [DONE]


Well first I must say I’m not sure it’s a good idea to display the free memory to end users. It may upset them more than other things. But I would say that : is it possible to rename “Memory” into “Free memory” ? Because if you write “Memory”, you don’t know if it’s the memory used or the free memory. In my mind, with the progress bar being displayed, I really thought it was the memory used. It can lead to misunderstandings.


The rationale behind the indicator is that users that run heavy tasks can see if the server has enough resources to run it. If not, they may consider postponing the task.

In the future, we will be adding the ability to limit available memory for each Server worker individually. This will isolate spaces better and will ensure that a heavy task will not consume all the RAM of the server by mistake. So they will only see available memory for the worker that runs their space (which can be less than the free memory of the whole server). That’s why we don’t call the indicator “Free memory” because its meaning might be somewhat different in the future.

Why can it upset the end users?

We will add a tooltip that explains the indicator.

Today it’s called “Memory” and the bar is full. So a user may contact us to alert whereas it’s the contrary that happens : there is a lot of free memory.

We’ve changed the label in the most recent version. Now it looks like below:

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