Sending HTML Emails - Everything is a Parameter

I have an example where the team is sending a more detailed HTML email. It contains brackets " { " and I’m having a tough time working around it

As an example every bracket in the HTML is giving me an error as it assumes its a parameter

Error: Parameter {
background: #f1eee3;
} not found

What is the best way to work around this?

Hi Adam,

You can try to compose HTML for email in one project (as a cell value or as a parameter), then pass it to a subproject (with Iterate or Call another project actions) which will send an email with a message, assigned from a parameter. Like this:

I think we should ignore missing parameters in this case (as we do in PowerShell scripts) and allow arbitrary use of brackets. I’ll get back with a definite answer on this.


Missing parameters are now ignored in email messages in order to allow embedded CSS stylesheets.

Updated Desktop can be downloaded here:
Updated Server can be downloaded here:

I just downloaded the new version. This is working correctly now. Thanks for the quick fix!!

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