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Select matching database rows - select all columns



With the select matching database rows it seems that one can only check the columns that one needs.
If you would like to use this in an iteration, I believe it would crash because maybe the columns do not exist in every table. So, it would be nice if we could select all columns and that it does something like select * from in the background.

Or is there a workaround at this moment ?

Kind regards


The “Select matching database rows” creates a temporary table in the target database, exports specified columns into it, then executes SELECT … WHERE … EXISTS statement, then deletes the temporary table. The same logic can be done using regular actions in EasyMorph:

  1. “Database command” (to create a temporary DB table)
  2. “Export to database”
  3. “Import from database”. Here you can use a custom SQL statement with SELECT * WHERE … EXISTS
  4. “Database command” (delete the temporary DB table)