Search result limited to 100 results in catalog


The search feature seems to be limited in the catalog because it only returns 100 results as I understand. Imagine I search the word “Activity” and imagine that in one catalog item I have 100 fields beginning with “Activity” (we have this kind of case), the search feature will only return this catalog item and not all others which is of course not efficient.

Why not implementing a pagination feature to display search result (in web + desktop) ?

If you get 100 results then maybe the search query is too ambiguous and a more precise search query is required? Finding the necessary items by looking through hundreds of search results doesn’t sound effective either, does it?

The search is interesting because it shows all catalog item and their fields. If you want to do that without search, you have to go through each folder which is painful. Maybe the solution can be a list display of catalog items ? There would be a folder display and an item list display.