Search on table names


Is there an option to search on EasyMorph table names in EasyMorph projects ?
I could not find this type of search functionality.


There is no standalone table search in EasyMorph. However, you can find tables by name in any action that requires another table, for instance, “Derive table”:


A list of tables in each group is also available in the Diagram view:

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks. The search option in actions I use frequently and is very handy indeed !
But what I sometimes need is a search function to look on EasyMorph table names.
This is especially useful in large projects and more so in projects I did not create myself.

Maybe the search bar that is used to search on columns when a table is highlighted could be used. When no table is highlighted, one could search on tables. When a table is highlighted, the search bar is for looking on column names. Another option could be to integrate it in the search tool for actions that already exists.

Kind regards

I agree, a table search would be helpful.

Moving to #feature-requests.