Search for dataset among EM Server files

Hello Community,
Would anyone know if it's possible to search among all files and subfolders on EM Server in order to identify all morphs that would be connecting to a specific dataset? (the intent being of knowing which morphs would be impacted if dataset is removed)
Thanks in advance

You can use the "Project metadata" action to obtain a list of project dependencies, such as input/output files and connectors in use.

The action also has a mode that processes a list of .morph files, instead of one file. To generate a list of all EasyMorph projects, use the "List files" action as described below, and apply a filter by file extension: How can we generate list of files from all the folders and subfolders over Easymorph Server? - #3 by singh.navinpratap

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thank you Dmitry, I will give it a try
happy new year by the way :slight_smile:

That's the latest New Year congratulation I received this year :slight_smile: Same to you, Andre!

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