Search for columns in whole project

Hi guys,

I could not find any feature that would allow to search for a column by name at project level. In large projects, it might be super useful to find where and how a column was for instance calculated, identify potential duplicates in calculations, etc.

I could think about using project / table metadata to build some overview, but in might be additional load and would require to create additional non productive actions in every table. I was as well thinking to parse project file to build this overview from xml, but there is no straight forward way to easily get column names as they are at the end of project run.

Any idea how I could deal with this columns search “feature” or how I could use some existing feature to achieve objective ?

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Hi David,

Currently, finding a column is only possible within a table, but not in the entire project.

Identifying how a column was calculated is possible when you click the “Lineage” button in a calculated dataset. However, the lineage is hard to establish if a column isn’t calculated.

If you only need to track the column in the project’s result table, you may want to publish the projects as computed datasets into the Data Catalog provided by EasyMorph Server. The Catalog stores searchable metadata for each column of the result table. Additionally, each column can have a description. To publish a computed dataset, press the “Publish to Catalog” button.

Linking a similar feature request: Main Menu: Find columns

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