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Script modules for python scripts


On the roadmap there’s a feature “Script modules for python scripts”.
What would be the purpose of this feature?
Will it be possible to use python directly on EasyMorph tables?


Hi Nikolaas,

the purpose of this feature is to provide the ability to add Python scripts into EasyMorph workflows. As we see it currently, it will be special script modules with a Python script (more languages to be supported later). A script module, like a regular module, will have parameters. Parameter values will be passed into the script as the script’s global variables (or some other method).

Passing EasyMorph datasets into a script or from a script will be possible via CSV files. There will be no in-memory passing of datasets between a regular module and a script module.

Since a script module has the same parameters as a regular module, a script module can be called or iterated from a regular module. Script errors will be returned as regular module errors. It will be possible to set a script module as the start module of a project and use projects with script modules in Server tasks/scheduling (also in Launcher).

Below is a UI sketch of the script module editor.

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Thanks looks nice !
If at some point you could release a feature to pass datasets in memory to such a module, this would be a further improvement.
In later stages, an interactive python shell to directly manipulate the EasyMorph tables would be practical for testing transformations.

  • As I understand it, an installation of python itself would not be necessary ? It would come with the EasyMorph installation ?
  • How would this work when additional python packages have to be installed?



I think that this feature already exists.
If you want to send dataset, use “iterate table”.

In module, use “Input”.

Yes I know but not for the python module I guess…

Python will have to be installed additionally. There will be a setting in Desktop, Server, and CLW to point to a Python executable.

Installing and using additional packages will be managed like in any other Python script.

Most probably this will never happen as Python doesn’t integrate well with the .NET framework that is used to make EasyMorph. However, if Python scripting will be popular among EasyMorph users, we will provide an open-source Python driver to read .dset files, similar to the C# driver we already provide.

Thanks for the info !

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