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Scheduling server vs client time

For background, our server is set to UTC time.

The DAILY schedule is based on UTC, but ONCE schedule is based on client local time.

For example:
I create a ONCE schedule to run at 3:50pm local time, it runs at 3:50pm local time.
I create a DAILY schedule to run at 3:50pm local time, it actually runs at 11:50pm local time (3:50pm UTC).

Can you please confirm my understanding is correct? Is this expected behaviour?


Hi Scott,

This is a bug. Thank you for reporting it. We are planning to fix it next week.


Scott, we fixed this issue. Once schedule now runs task in the server timezone.

You can download fixed version from there: https://easymorph.com/download-server.html

Hi Andrew,
Thanks a lot for the information and quick response.


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