Scheduling exports with If conditions

I am currently analzying the free version, I have a specific, I have specific scenario:

I would like to apply an if condition and the if the rules are TRUE, then there were be an export at a scheduled time for that dataset, if not then the export would be done without that data:

I Have fields A and B, and timestamp field

If fields A and B have data within the scheduled hour, there is a data export with A and B
if field A or B is empty within the scheduled hour, then only the field A or B is exported and the empty is triggered into a log and sent to a different table/log etc.

This would be similar to a Quality gateway for empty fields, but the integrity check would be before exporting the data at given schedule.

Thank you very much.

Performing different export operations depending on a condition can be arranged using conditional IF/THEN branching. See this tutorial topic: Conditional workflows.

Function now() provides the current execution time (i.e. scheduled time if you use a scheduler).

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