Scheduler Parameter

How would I create a parameter that would pause a scheduled task until another task has been completed.


“Monthly loader”- loads at 1:00 and takes 20 minutes
“Daily loader”- loaded at 1:15 and takes 5 minutes.

I want to pause Daily loader until monthly loader is completed. My Daily loader runs every 15 minutes.

The typical solution wold be creating and scheduling a master project that calls other projects in the necessary order by using the “Call” action.

Alternatively, you can modify the “Monthly loader” by adding a call to the “Daily loader” as the last step.

Thank you for reverting to me.

My other choice would be to pause the Daily Loader at 1:15am. Is there are argument or parameter I could place for this?

There is no way in EasyMorph to pause a task at a particular time. If you need to have a dependency between tasks, it should be managed using a master project.