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Scheduler - Every 5 Minutes [DONE]


The Scheduler for Easymorph is great. Currently it supports, Once, Hourly or Daily Schedule. It would be great, if there is way to schedule the tasks to run every 5 minute or so.

Point taken @kaleelahamed, thanks for the suggestion.

Note that EasyMorph Server has Continuous schedule that allows running tasks every N minutes with the smallest interval N=5 minutes.

+1 on this feature request
Use case : automatic refresh when displaying dashboard on large screen in an open space, a plant, a warehouse


5-minute reloads already available in EasyMorph Server.

The Continuous schedule with up to 5 minute reloads is now available in the Launcher too.


i need to schedule a task every minute.
No problem (I thought :slightly_smiling_face:)
Scedule all 5 Minutes 5 times

1 00:00-23:55
2 00:01-23:56

5 00:04-23:59

Unfortunately, the Sceduler allows only 5 minute intervals.

Is there any way to get around that?



Yes, there is a workaround.

Open folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\EasyMorph\Launcher\Default\Tasks and find the XML that corresponds to the scheduled task.





Note that if you edit/update task properties in in Launcher it will reset the interval back to 5 minutes.

Hi Dmitry,

thanks! It works.

But I always have to remember to make the change after the task has been saved to the server because the 1 will be overwritten with 5 again.

Would it be possible to eliminate the 5 minute limit in one of the next versions?




I’m curious why 5 minutes is not frequently enough? What kind of task is that - why do you need to run it every minute?

I need to create a task that is done every 20 seconds I can change that interval

@Juan_Francisco_Carre, you can use the “Repeat” action to run a module/project every N seconds. If you use the action in the “Until” mode, you will need to insert the “Wait” action in the iterated module (or project).

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