SAP BW Connection

Hi Dmitry

I notice in the documentation that EasyMorph can connect to SAP 4/HANNA via ODBC connector.
Can it also connect to SAP BW via ODBC Connector?

We are looking to use both metods.


SAP BW isn’t supported natively. Although, if it has an ODBC driver, you can query any ODBC data source using the “Other SQL” dialect in EasyMorph’s ODBC connector. With this dialect, the visual query builder isn’t available, but it’s still possible to write custom SQL queries.

Many thanks, Dmitry.

I will look into this

Hi Rykie,

I had the same problem and tried to read the tables via ODBC (still based on an old-school BW, but hopefully, we are on Hana by the end of the year. :slight_smile: ).
What I absolutely recommend in such a case is Xtract Universal from Theobald Software Xtract Universal – Nahtlose SAP-Integration mit Ihrer Zielumgebung ( . With that, you can extract data from every SAP system (BW or ERP, Hana or non-Hana). It can get data from tables/views, function modules, bw cubes or queries, …
We use it in all cases in combination with easymorph and it’s a perfect match!

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Many thanks, @Jochen_Marquardt. I could not see the price.
Can you give me rough estimate on the pricing structure?


When we bought it, they had the price list on their page. I guess, they changed their licensing model, but as far as I can remember, it is pretty fair.

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