Salesforce update/delete sync error

Hello - we have a workflow that was updating contacts data object in Salesforce and it was working fine but we then changed one of the Salesforce field names and updated that field name in the easymorph Salesforce Update/delete action but now getting the following below:

Error: Job execution resulted in error(s): INVALID_FIELD_FOR_INSERT_UPDATE:Account: bad field names on insert/update call: Product_Name__c:Product_Name__c –
Source: action “Update/delete records in Salesforce”, table “NEW_TRIALS_SALESFORCE_SYNC”

We have another separate workflow using the exact same fields updating the contact data object in Salesforce and that’s working fine.

Hi @rschultz_st !

Generally in Salesforce this error means that target field is not accessible for some reason. This can happen because of field name typo, permission issues (user doesn’t have access to these exact fields) and sometimes even data format issues (attempt to update special field with incompatible data).

Things to check:

  1. Make sure target field name exactly matches API name as shown in Object Manager:

  2. Make sure both input and update/delete actions are using the same data connector. It’s a possibility if you have several Salesofrce data connectors for different environments or different users

  3. To differentiate whether this is a global access/naming issue or data format issue, change Error handling option in the Update/delete action to Return the list of rows that failed. This way if you see only a subset of records that trigger error response then this should be a data format issue; all records failing means naming/access issue.

  4. If all of the above fails, try creating testbed ‘Import’ and ‘Update/Delete’ Salesforce actions back to back (import and then immediately update), leave ‘Update/delete’ action’s Column names in Salesforce option in Same as EasyMorph position and see whether this works. If it works, you can try to pinpoint the differences (column naming? obsolete names during import stage?) and tweak your existing workflow till it matches the working reference

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