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Salesforce connector in EasyMorph 5.0


I just saw that there will we a Salesforce connector/actions in EasyMorph 5.0! :smiley:

Can you give me a bit more details regarding what this connector/actions will be able to do? I’ve been calling the Salesforce API using the “Web Location” connector for the moment, and doing different API calls (querying a Salesforce and also uploading info to a Salesforce org) using different URLs. I was going to keep exploring this path, but I don’t know if I should wait until April, will the way to connect to Salesforce be much easier? And what are the actions about?

Thanks very much!


Hello Roberto,

we’re at the beginning of this process and only exploring the Salesforce API at this point. What exactly actions do you do with Salesforce? Can you also list the Salesforce API endpoints you’re using?

Hello Dmitry,

The actions I’m using are either to query data and import it into EasyMorph, or to upload data to Salesforce (which can be “insert” (new records), “update” (existing records) or “upsert” (insert new records, update existing ones).

I’ve been using the Bulk API 2.0. For each action you want to do, a job is created, with an id ({jobid} in the endpoints below).

Endpoints I’ve been using:


Ingest (insert, update, upsert):



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