Running EM Server on port 80 with IIS

We have IIS and some webapps running on our server and want to install easy morph on the same server. It applies port 6330 by default. I want to be able to run it in a subfolder on port 80.

e.g. localhost/easymorph

When I try to change port to 80, it says that this port is already in use (I guess, taken by IIS)

Any suggestions or how to resolve this?

Hi @raskarov
We haven’t tested integration with IIS. Also subfolders like ‘localhost/easymorph’ is not currently supported. But EasyMorph can share the same port (like 80) with IIS, with exception that different domain need to be used (e.g In such case, all requests to will be routed to EasyMorph Server, and all other requests - to IIS.
It’ll require some manual configuration.
Let us know if this meets your requirements.

That’d be great. It currently runs on 6330. How can I configure it to run on port 80 when it’s in use by IIS?

Currently EasyMorph can’t share a port with another application. The web-server of EasyMorph Server intercepts all requests regardless of a domain. So it’s not possible to share a port with another web-server.