Run task from command line - parameters


When we run tasks from the command line with ems-cmd, we can override parameters.
But what happens if we do the following.

  • We create a task on EasyMorph server and override say parameter Param1 with value 10 in the easymorph task on EM-server (it was 5 in the morph file).
  • We then call that task using ems-cmd without specifying parameter values. We only specify the space and task ID.

Will ems-cmd use the parameter values that we defined in the EasyMorph task or will it use parameters values from the original morph-file ? Will it use 5 or 10 as parameter value in the example above ? I suppose it will use the value 10 in this case ?


That’s correct. When a task is executed, its default parameters are overridden. If not, they remain default. There is no connection to the underlying project.