Run Python program


As Easymorph cannot natively deal with extracting data from PDFs I made a short Python program which will extract what I need and export it as a csv file which can then be imported by Easymorph to carry out a range of other required actions on the data set.

My issue is that I wish to use Easymorph to execute the program as part of a workflow I however am receiving the below error:

The program runs perfectly when I call it through the command line.

I am unable to find any current topic which addresses something similar and would appreciate any and all support to come up with a solution.

Kind regards.

Hi Christopher,

The path to the Python script should be specified in the “Arguments” field, not “Application”. Don’t forget to wrap it into quotes as it contains spaces.

If leaving the “Application” field empty doesn’t work, specify in the field the path to the Python executable (i.e. python.exe) in your system.

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Thank you very much for the ridiculously fast response to above and I can confirm that the process is now working as expected.

Thank you very much Dmitry I appreciate it.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: