Run multiple modules within 1 project from the Launcher

I’ve a project with 1 central module and other modules using the data from the central module making different selections and actions on the data. When I schedule the project only the default module runs. So I only get 1 wanted output.

Is there a way to schedule all modules or specifically point out a module WITHIN a project when setting up a task for the project in the launcher?

Thanks and regards

Hi Eddy and welcome to the Community!

The default module is the starting point of a project. From that you can call other modules. See this tutorial article on calling modules: Calling other modules/projects

I suspect that the reusable module in your project works as a subroutine. Typically, such modules are not used as the starting point. Instead, you may need to create another module (the ‘master’ module) that will call other modules in the necessary sequence (orchestrate), and those modules in turn will call the reusable module.

When running a project, it’s not possible to specify other starting module than the default one.

Dear Dmitry,
Thanks for the quick reaction. I will re-think the sequence and location of the different steps and outputs.

I have the impression that using the tabs is neither the solution. The main module is currently the main starting process, the other modules uses this data by selecting specific entities/business units and add other data from other sources dedicated tot that entity or business unit. Basically a split aftewards in the whole process.

Hello Eddy,

Tabs (groups) are intended for structuring a workflow in a module. They are not meant to be callable or reusable.

We’ve recently added a tutorial article on groups (tabs) which some of our long time users may haven’t seen yet: Table groups. The article explains what groups (tabs) are for. Check it out, if you haven’t read it yet.