Run macro - excel command question

Does running the macro via the excel command, leaves the file open while running the macro?

For example:

I have file X that contains data and the macro. So when I run the macro, I assume it opens the file and runs the macro, then I want to copy data from X to Y file, so that same macro file to other files.

So can I just run the macro and then only use in the macro arguments a Activation call? Or I still need to open this file via the macro arguments call and then add also the activate? Thank you very much.

Hi, JoMar.

Happy to help out.

I’m not quite sure I understand the question(?) You have file X (macro + data). Does the macro manipulate data in file X, and you then want to copy/move that data to file Y?

Any additional details, or sample files, you can provide would be helpful.

Thanks much.