Run database command executing script

Hi Dmitry,

I have created a data model in MySQL workbench. When I forward engineer it to the database, I can copy paste the DDL code for later use.

Now, I was thinking to create a simpel easyMorph project that enables me to quickly drop the schema that the scripts creates and then recreates the schema from scratch using the DDL script. This will enable me to test my database and ETL processes more efficiently.

I was able to execute separate command using the custom option in the database command transformation.
However, when I try to execute the entire DDL script (by pasting it in the text box of the database command transformation) it does not work while the same script works when executed from MySQL Workbench.

Do I need to tweak some formatting or the like in order to execute it from easyMorph ?

Thanks in advance !

@reynsnivea, if you are using ODBC connector, try to turn on “Allow multiple statements” option in the settings of your DSN. If this won’t help or you are using MySQL connector, embedded to EasyMorph, please send error message and SQL script (if possible) to our support email.

Hi Andrew,

Could you show me in more detail how to change the settings in the DSN since I am not a real database expert :slight_smile:.

I am using the MySQL connector in easyMorph. Shall I send you the error message or do I first need to test change in the DSN first ?

Thanks !

@reynsnivea DSN option is only applicable for ODBC connectors. So it’s not your case.

Can you please try to add a custom property “Allow batch” at the connector’s “Custom properties” tab. Like this:


If this won’t help, please send the error message and SQL script to us.

Also please send us version of your MySQL server. MySQL Workbench shows it on the “Server Status” page.