Rule - isempty - inconsistent results

I’m appending one table to another, and each table has one column that the other doesn’t.

Instead of having empty values, I have set up a Rule to replace any empty cells with a 0, e.g.

if isempty([Column 1])
then 0

This works on one column but not on the other.

I keep getting this issue and having to work around it by adding the missing column to the original table and making all the values 0, then appending one table to the other, but this is a very long winded way of doing it, and particularly if I’m working with dozens of columns and I than have to go back and add any I’ve missed.

I’ve used the Clean up action to mixed success, but I’m either doing something wrong or there is a small bug here.

I have also tried setting up a Rule for each column rather than one rule for all columns but this hasn’t worked either. I have managed to set it up this way in the past with data from the same source.

When I right click on the call and use the Cell Profiler, it says that Type: Empty cell.

Any ideas of what I might be doing wrong?

PS I can’t share detail on here due to client confidentiality of data.

I’m an idiot! I’ve now worked out what I was doing wrong.

I was copying the action but not re-assigning the Column in the “Replace existing” option!

It happens, no problem!

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