I want to found on my database which plater number has a transaction on friday and on the next monday.
And keep only those two row when it match.

how to do it ?

please follow my excel sheet
consecutive transaction FRI-MON.xlsx (293.5 KB)

Hello, Stephane.

Attached is the solution I believe you’re looking for. Save this in the same folder as the Excel file and open it.

Essentially, it determines (expression) which dates are Fridays, and calculates the following Mon date. It then merges in records from a second, derived table based on the plate number and trans date. In the final column (rightmost) column, you will see the plate number in records that contain a Friday date and the following Monday date.

I’ve added some annotations to describe the process. Let me know if this is what you were looking for, or if you need additional help.

Align Fri-Mon Transaction dates.morph (4.9 KB)

Thanks a lot Craig, it’s perfect