Row command KO in EM Launcher (5.3.2)


Using the last Desktop version (5.3.2) downloaded on the website today, i tried to configure General commands and row commands in the EM Launcher. This feature is powerful, as the catalog is. But the row command does not seem to work : I configured one simple project to appear on each row, as row command, but when I right click on one row nothing appears. The general command is ok and adds a new menu on top of the dataset.


Edit : the project configured as row command has no parameter. Is it the problem ? Because if it has 0 parameters, logically it should be more configured as General command. So it means that as row command, your project must always have at least one parameter corresponding to one column value of the result dataset ?

Yes, this must be the problem. A row command must be linked to at least 1 column via a parameter. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to link it to a cell. If a task has no parameters, it should be a general command.

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