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Round a field if not empty


I am trying to round a field if not empty.

not ifempty([FIELD A],roundxl([FIELD A],2))



The correct expression would be:

if(not isempty([FIELD A],roundxl([FIELD A],2), empty())

or a shorter form using when():

when(not isempty([FIELD A],roundxl([FIELD A],2))



Not working for me - I will try. Is it because the value can be o?



What’s the error?


Thanks, Dmitry.

I used it as a rule and it is working now.

if(not isempty([FIELD A]
then roundxl([FIELD A],2)
Keep original Value


I missed a bracket. The correct syntax is below.

if(not isempty([FIELD A]),roundxl([FIELD A],2), empty())

a shorter form using when() :

when(not isempty([FIELD A]),roundxl([FIELD A],2))