Retrieving the Salesforce ID [DONE]

Hi, I use the "Export to Salesforce" action a lot, which currently, following a correct insert of the record, makes the row disappear while leaving the rows where there has been some error highlighted.
Since I also use this feature via API, I am aware that Salesforce, following the insertion of a record, immediately returns the id made up of 15 or 18 characters it has just created. Wouldn't it be possible to integrate a similar feature, so that it is then possible to use those same IDs to insert child records on other objects without having to redo a query?


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If you select the error handling mode “Return a list of rows that failed to export”, the behavior described will occur. However, if you leave the default mode, the result of the action will be a dataset with the inserted records’ IDs.


Hi Olysak,
unfortunately I do not verify the behavior you described :frowning:
if I flag the first option, the Id column does not appear and the rows remain as they are, with the data ready to be written (however, the writing is successful).
If I select the second option, which shows write errors, all the lines disappear (even here the write is successful).

I’m using the EM version.

I apologize for the confusion. It appears that the retrieval function will only activate if there were any failed records during the export process.

Indeed, it seems that a separate feature must be implemented to retrieve the IDs of successfully inserted records.

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The option has been added in v5.6 for actions "Export to Salesforce" and "Update/delete records in Salesforce".

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Oh thank you!
I'm sure this feature will be both useful for me and others for more optimized flows!