Retrieving database names

I am trying to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server database but when I choose ‘Get databases’ a message box appears ‘Retrieving database names’ and it does not go away. What could be wrong?

Thanks in advance


Can you please tell me which version of Windows you are using? If you are using Windows 10, please tell me an exact build number.

Hi Andrew,

I’m using Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.16299.64].


It seems to be the Fall Creators Update. Hanging of progress bar message boxes in EasyMorph is known to appear with the said update of Windows 10. If possible, please don’t run EasyMorph on Windows 10 with Fall Creator’s Update until we resolve it – we’re working on releasing the bugfix as soon as possible.

The other possible workarounds here are:

  • Connect to SQL Server through ODBC.
  • Create connector repository or an empty project with an embedded connector on another computer (which has no Fall Creator’s Update). Test created connector. Copy created repository or project to the initial computer and then copy-paste the created connector to the initial project or repository.



Can you please try the new EasyMorph version which available on the download page ( and tell us if the issue is still present?

Hi Andrew,

I try the new version and don’t have the issue anymore.

Thank you very much for your attention and congratulations to the program.