Result table flag not returning the correct data format

We have a generic EM project that is used to clean data and it is used by other projects.
There are some instances when we call this module it is changing the data type of some of the columns.
But when I debug the module, the final output has the correct data type.

Any idea why the call to this project is returning a different data type?

Here are some print screens of the projects:

Before calling the Data clean module:

After we call the Data clean module:

When I run the project manually I can see that the output is formatted correctly:


This is not a number format, this is a different data type - Text instead of Number. Formatting is only applied to numbers, but here it’s an entirely different data type - Text. EasyMorph doesn’t change that arbitrarily. Check your workflow logic of the “Data clean” module with exactly the same input data that returns the incorrect result. Perhaps, some of the workflow branches behave in an unexpected way.