Request for Professional Support

Hello, I really like what EasyMorph can do but not sure how to do it specifically. I am looking for someone to be able to support my EM needs as a paid consultant. Is there anyone out there that can help?

I do a lot of ETL with CSV files with some of the same actions however the column names are different, the spreadsheet names are different, etc. I am looking for someone to build out the flows based on the requirements and refine the process to help make EM work efficiently.

I’ve looked through the tutorials and spent some time trying this out for myself but it’s just something that I don’t have time to build on my own but really want to use it. If anyone out there is looking for a gig, I’m paying.

Feel free to reach me at:

Thank you,

Hi Ryan,

did anyone reach out to you?

I have to ask permission from my manager, but I’m interested. It also depends on the scope. I’ll contact Ryan and try to get an idea of the requirements.

Hi Dmitry, yes a few folks have reached out to us. To be clear, this is not regular work and is more of a gig where someone can help us setup an automated flow that we can adjust as needed. Starting as a CSV and ending as a CSV, we need help on the transformations to be created in EasyMorph. Matching records by GUID and pulling in the target ID for importing data. Running through a folder of files and adding columns for matching and pulling back the target IDs. Maybe normalizing some data / formatting columns but the majority of the help we need is pulling in a source CSV, adding new columns, matching against a Master Target ID and building out an import CSV. We are working with which is a related table CRM and therefore we need to import based on ID’s that can relate to a single table or multiple tables.

We would need to load Accounts into Salesforce. That will provide us Target IDs. When we load the contacts to those accounts, we need to match the contact to the Account and pull back the Account ID from the Target. When we load opportunties / tasks, we will need to find the Target Account ID, Target Contact ID…etc. Some tables relate to many other tables and it takes a long time for us to use excel to handle all of the matching. We use an INDEX / MATCH formula as it considers upper and lower case as different values where a VLookup doesn’t. Salesforce ID’s use upper and lower case and unique values.

Good. I just wanted to make sure you’ve been heard :slight_smile:

PS. Your task description looks like a perfect case for EasyMorph.

It is and I’m excited to use it. Here is an example of what I’m trying to do but somehow make it more automated. I’m not sure if it makes sense to duplicate this in the same module or is it more efficient to create modules of this to replicate for multiple columns in the same document?

How can I expand this to pull in files from a folder and repeat this for every CSV in that folder?


Typically, you would put the repeating sequence of actions in a module, and create two parameters in that module - one for the input file name (path), one for the output. Replace hardcoded names with the parameters in the import and export steps.

Then, in another module, produce a list of files and then use iterations to process each file in the same fashion.

See these tutorial topics:
Calling modules

Iterations require a bit of learning, but the tutorial is quite detailed, and has helpful videos and examples.

Also, this forum has lots of questions about iterations answered – it is worth looking it up.