Replacing html codes with string

Hi guys,

I am connecting to an API sending back responses embedding html stuff such as:
-- > --Archives-- > 1053 - ABCD

And I would need to convert to:
-- > --Archives-- > 1053 - ABCD

Same for spaces, brackets, and so on. I could not find a clean way to to this.
Any advice ?


Hi, you could try to use the Powershell command:


HtmlDecode converts a string that has been HTML-encoded for HTTP transmission into a decoded string.

Here is a sample project.

html-decode.morph (4.3 KB)

I've created an HTML escaping lookup table. It can be used with the "Replace with lookup" action.

html-escaping.morph (2.9 KB)
HTML_escaping.dset (9.9 KB)

@dgudkov @ckononenko @nicktagz Thanks a lot for your answers.