Replace values in EasyMorph flows


We have some EasyMorph flows with many SQL.
Table names are not paramterized because this would mean a lot of parameters.

Now, if our database table names would change, how can we easily replace table names in EasyMorph actions ?

It would be nice if we could have a sort of find replace that works accross actions so that we can easily update such things.

Any suggestions how we could to such a replace ?

Thanks !

Hi Nikolaas,

I would suggest using XSLT to modify your .morph files. You asked a similar question a while ago: Changing parameter values in easymorph files. The recommended solution is still the same.

Ok thanks. Sorry for the double question.

Wouldn’t be better that we could do this in EasyMorph desktop at some point ?

It would surely be better, no question. Something like “Refactor” action that permanently changes action properties in EasyMorph projects.

It’s just a matter of priorities in product development. And at this point we should stay focused on more high-value objectives.