Reorder Group Columns

Hi Dmitry

I know you can change the order of columns by simply dragging them.

Is their a way I can reorder in a group.

I added 10 columns with formulas. They need to move as a group to after column x.
At the moment I drag the 1st column and then use Add rule in Re-order Columns.
This does take long.


You can drag multiple columns at a time. Click the first column in the group, then Shift+Click the last column to select all columns between them. Drag as usually.

Most of single-column manipulations can be done with multiple columns as well – reordering, deleting, inserting, sorting, aggregation, deduplication, renaming, etc.

To select multiple isolated columns use Ctrl+Click.

Thanks, Dmitry.

I can select group columns and delete it. Have been using this a lot.
As soon as I select more than 1 column and drag it, it only takes the 1st column.

Will test it again.


Drag using the last clicked column header (it has a dotted rectangle).

It’s not very obvious – we will think how to fix it.


Got it, Thanks