Rename folder action

Why is a rename folder action not available in the file command ? Would be very useful…

For now you can use the “Run program” action to run Windows command “rename” to rename a folder.

rename dir1 dir2

Hello! Yes, I also think this would be useful.

Dmitry, can you give me an example on how to use the following with the "Run Program" action:

rename dir1 dir2



Hi Roberto,

Not sure I understand the question. This is an example:

rename dir1 dir2

Don't enter any program path in the "Run program" action. Just use the arguments input box.


I don’t know what “dir1” and “dir2” mean, are these two paths? Do we have to include the full path in “dir1” and “dir2”. or can it be relative to the Project’s path?

Let’s say I want to rename “C:\Users\roberto” to “C:\Users\Bob”. What command would I have to use?

Would using the “Working directory” field here make sense here (is this what allows to use relative paths)?

Thanks very much,


In this case, make “C:\Users” the working directory and the command should be

rename roberto Bob

I don’t think the arguments can be a path, but I might be wrong. You may want to check documentation on Windows shell commands.

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