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Remove insignificant Zeros from decimal part



I have the follow issue, and until now I do not have any workaroud to solve.

All I want is remove insignificant zeros from decimal part:

12.0000 = 12
12.4500 = 12.45
12.40 = 12.4

Best Regard´s
Hugo Jesus


Hi Hugo,

where do these insignificant digits show up? Can you attach a screenshot?


Not the most beautiful solution, but it seems to work… :grinning:
Remove zeroes.morph (2.5 KB)

It would be quite comfortable to have an option to choose an own format like in excel (‘0.####’ in this case).




Thanks a lot, that´s the idea,

It isn´t the most beautiful solution like you said, but the most important, it´s to work, because I don´t found anything when I searched for this topic.

Thanks again,
Hugo Jesus