"Remove Columns" if exist


Can a change be made to the “Remove Columns” Action to be less explicit?

Frequently, we’re importing flat files that have a combination of text and date columns. We usually want to get to an end dataset of just some of the text columns and the date columns pivoted.

When using the Remove Columns action, we need to specify which columns are to be removed. If some of the flat files don’t have one of these columns, an error is generated.

As I want to remove these columns, can we ignore, or be given the option to ignore generating an error where one or more columns don’t exist?

There is no need for such feature. You can already select (remove) only specific columns using the “Select columns by lookup” action. Typically, the workflow is as follows:

  1. Obtain a list of columns using the “Table metadata” action.
  2. Filter the list as necessary to keep only necessary column names
  3. Use the “Select columns by lookup” action to keep only columns with names in the list above

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