Regex Replace based on Column

It seems this is not possible - to create a calculated field that is removing a value based on a value in another column/field.

I was attempting to regexreplace([columnToRemoveFrom],'',[columnHavingValueToBeRemoved]) but I get an error stating that I can't use a column reference to determine what needs to be replaced.

So how would I remove values from a column based on the value in another column...for example

COL-A ---------------COL-B-------------Calculated Field Output


Try that.
autonumber -> split into rows -> filter on condition -> concatenate text
I used semicolon because comma is a decimal separator for me.


Regex Replace based on Column.morph (4.7 KB)

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Thanks that works...more involved than what I was thinking, but it does solve the problem!

decomposition makes it easy to maintain, no needs for a regex cheatsheet.
the issue here is to replace numbers not strings and avoid this kind of results

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