Refreshing singular imports

Is there a way to refresh a single import table, without needing to close and re-open the whole workbook and reload all imports, which can take a lot of time?

Never mind, just found ‘Run action’.

Also you can recalculate a single action with Ctrl+click on it’s icon.

My favorite method is to right-click an import action and choose “Discard result” from the menu. If Auto-run is on, this will cause recalculation of the action and all consequent actions. With “Run action” (or Ctrl+click) only one action is recalculated even if Auto-run is on.

Cheers Dimitri and Andrew. Does ‘discard result’ do anything other than essentially recalculate the table? If so, may it be worth renaming it? Or maybe adding this as an option in the right-click list?

Discard itself will not recalculate action. When Auto-run is off, Discard will leave action in a not calculated state.

These commands are useful in different cases:

Run action (or Ctrl+click) simply [re-]runs the current action and all preceding actions that are necessary to calculate the current one. All the following actions become uncalculated no matter if Auto-run is turned on or off. This option is convenient when you need to precisely control what is calculated and what is not. Also, it forces to recalculate even actions with side effects (e.g. export, or file command).

Discard result discards the result of the current action and all following actions. Re-calculation happens (when it happens) not because of discarding per se, but because Auto-run is on (when it’s on). This command is used when a result of action is no longer actual. Note that it doesn’t force actions with side-effect to recalculate.

Good point. Technically “Calculate” in the right-click menu is the same as the “Run action” button. Probably we need to rename it accordingly.

Cheers Dimitri, although ‘Calculate’ is greyed-out once an action has been run. So in this case, if the file has been imported, my experience is that ‘Calculate’ isn’t available?

You’re right. We will make it always enabled and rename it to “Run action” to make its behavior consistent with the button on the toolbar.