Reading DBF-files


I would like to read a DBF-file from a shapefile. Is there a way to read this into EasyMorph?
Or should we first convert it using a script in R or python tot CSV ?


EasyMorph doesn't read from DBF files. You can find the list of all supported file formats here: EasyMorph | Loading one or many files

Yes, use a 3rd party utility to convert a DBF file into one of the formats supported by EasyMorph.

Ok thanks

Hi Dmitry,

Any idea how an ODBC connection could be configured to read in the DBF -files ? Where to find the drivers ?
Or to convert them using powershell to a csv ?


I would use a 3rd party utility to convert DBFs to CSVs. Although, we haven’t tested any of them so I can’t recommend any particular utility.

Also, can’t recommend anything for connecting over ODBC as we haven’t done it.

Ok thanks.
It would be nice if one day, this format is also supported in EasyMorph.

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