Read formula values from Excel

Hello everyone,

I’m using an Excel file as source of my Easymorph Project, I’ve got a problem about the formulas because I can’t read the value, is there any way to do it?

Or I’ve to re-create the same formulas in Easymorph? (I hope no, because there are alot of them!)

Hello Andrea,

not sure I understand your question. Excel evaluates all formulas in an Excel spreadsheet into values, and those values are imported into EasyMorph. It’s not possible to read Excel formulas in EasyMorph (unless you’re brave enough to parse in EasyMorph the XML structure of an Excel spreadsheet).

Hello Dmitry,

I try to explain my problem: in my Excel sheet I’ve got a lot of formulas (like A4+B4 etc.) when I use this file as source in Easymorph every field with formula doesn’t contain any value (I assume that Easymorph don’t read the result of the Excel formula as I excpected)

That doesn’t sound normal. Can you send the Excel file to our support email support(а)

I further tested Easymorph with Excel and I can confirm that it can read the formula value, I also found that the problem is the Excel file, that is created by C#, and for some reason that I can’t understand Easymorph can’t read its formula. If I open the file in Excel and save it, everything works.