QViewer 3.3 not working on Windows 10.1709


After “Windows 10 Pro” update to latest version 1709 (build16299.19), EasyQlik QViewer v3.3.0.3 stoped working. If you try to open any QVD file, application freeze at initial “Filtering…” screen. I tested this issue on two different hosts. I am owner of personal license.


This update breaks something in .NET Framework (required for QViewer). It’s a known problem and we’re investigating it. Use the 32-bit version for now.

Do you have an ETA on when this problem will be solved? 32-bit version is not working for me can’t open big QVDs. I’m also an owner of a personal license.

We’re finishing updating QViewer. ETA - by the end of this week.

Thanks for you reply. Lookig forward for the release.


@Saulius_Radauskas, @Maximiliano_Velez

download the updated version on QViewer’s web-site.

Works great. Thank you very much.