Question: Keep/remove matching

Can “Keep/remove matching” action match automatically by matching (columns with same name) columns on both table? Is there any single action to keep/remove matching automatically by column names?

If you are talking about 2 different tables then use merge action to merge basis the common column
If you want information from different table then use lookup action

Not sure I understand your question. Can you provide an example?

I was wondering if image would have automatic column matching like Export to database.image
I mean is there way to keep/remove matching rows automatically by matching columns between two tables… I am looking for an action that keep rows by matching by all columns.

There is no such mode in the “Keep/remove matching” action and there is no similar separate action.

But you can try to utilize the “Rename columns with lookup” action to give your columns fixed names, use that names in matching and then rename the columns back to the original names.

I am actually facing a similar issue. It would be useful to have a keep/remove on all columns feature. Anyway, I thought of a workaround for now that involves converting everything to json and back again:

edit: click on the image in order to see all the steps as they get cut off on the thumbnail.

If you’re looking to get the difference between two tables, you can append them using the “Append” action, and then use “Deduplicate rows” to remove duplicate (not changed) rows. Changed rows will remain.