Question about Parameter based on date-picker

I really need some help. I have a manually launched application that is run from EasyMorph Launcher. The job includes a step to add a new column with the date selected from the date-picker and write that into a table.

My issue - when I pick a date (e.g., 26 Feb), the value that gets put into the column is always one day less … i.e., the value is 25 Feb.

It’s hard to debug because launching the application is where the prompt occurs. There are no calculations on the date as far as I can tell/remember.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

BTW - love the tool!

Hi @LJMiller and welcome to the Community!

Which version of EasyMorph are you using?

Thanks for the reply - I’m on the latest version ->

It seems to be a bug on our side. The date picker in Launcher adds/removes a few extra hours depending on your timezone which may change the date to the previous date (if you’re to the west from GMT).

We will fix it shortly. An update will be posted when it’s done.

Thank you for the prompt and helpful reply. I thought it might have to do with time zones :slight_smile:

We’ve fixed the bug (which also affected EM Server). Updated versions of Desktop and Server are available on our website.