Query error not logged

We’ve had a Redshift query (via ODBC) that has been failing for 2 months, but was only picked up when we noticed the target table was not updating.

The EasyMorph log showed that everything was completing successfully, and it was only when we ran the job with Diagnostic Logging enabled that the error was reported, but the job still ran to completion.

The query failed because a varchar field needed to be cast as a timestamp. Do you have any ideas why EasyMorph wouldn’t report this as an error in the Log, but does pick it up in Diagnostic mode?

One point to mention is that the workflow is a single job that calls other jobs, which call modules. All of the jobs and modules are logging fine, but I wasn’t sure if this would have an impact.


Hello Scott,

Is the failing query executed in one of the called jobs or modules? If so - please check that job or module errors are not ignored. I.e. the following options are not selected:

  • “Don’t wait for completion, ignore task errors” option for the “Run task” command of the “EasyMorph Server command” action.
  • “Capture errors and continue” mode for the “Call another module/project” action.
  • “Collect errors and continue” mode for the “Iterate” action.
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